The SeaGIS project (history)

The SeaGIS project has been created in 2001 and was the home of a Referencing module (for coordinates transformations), a Coverage module (for rasters) and a Statefull Renderer. In 2002, SeaGIS joined the GeoTools 2 initiative launched by James McGill. The code of all above-cited modules has been transfered to GeoTools 2 and deleted from the SeaGIS CVS. The SeaGIS project has been recycled as a repository for experimental work, including the "PostGrid" schema for a coverage database.

In 2009 the referencing and coverage modules moved again to a new project, The renderer module moved to a sub-project, geotoolkit-pending. As of 2009 the PostGrid database is not yet part of Geotoolkit, but this is under consideration. No development is pursued on the SeaGIS project. For development versions (undel LGPL license), please see the project.

Links to historical resources

The following links are provided only as historical archives. All this code is outdated and now developped in other projects.